High performance, highly efficient advanced mechanism and economical technique have been pursured.

Comprehensive control system provides the complete high standard of reliability


Variety of applicable soil condition
Water-sand, stone, boulder, soft rock, hard rock, concrete and mixed soil condition are applicable
Short working period and Economical
Increased digging speed by means of the special Tri-cone bits, directly coupled Motor and Gear ensure greater speeds and economical work.
Long Distance Boring
The TRH special bits make it possible to bore long distances up to 130m for Hard rock (1) class and greater distances for less dense rock.
Accurate Pipe Installation
Laser guidance and correction are possible from the Control Board during its operation on the ground and continous monitoring.
Compact Starting Pit
The Thrusting Jack and Base are compact, allowing any work in smaller Pit. The Pilot Head can be separated into 4 pieces, facilitating a smaller arrival Pit.
Low vibration, low noise
The compactness of the plant, Control Board and crane, dramatically reduces vibration and noise.
Prevention of rolling.
The Joint-pipes serve as Lubrication, Injection, Slurry Pipes and Counter weight. These Devices enable increased performance and operational efficiency.
Easy Retract and Restart
If trouble is met, retracting the Pilot Head through the Joint Pipe is effortless, allowing speedy problem resolution. (Max=25ton JPS-3)

Boring Hard Rock qu=300N/mm2 Effective Drilling Bits. The TRH Boring Method ensures Effective and speedy Jobs, resulting in the increased work efficiency.

Application to various ground conditions and durable structure. Excellent performance and powerful bore work through hard rock.

Construction Method and Flow Chart

  • Boulders and rock are bored and broken by a special Pilot Head cutter bit and further crushed to under 10mm in size by the Cone-Crusher Head.
  • Crushed stone and sand are discharged as slurry water through pipes from the rejection mud pump, then forcibly separated by the sand screen.
  • A Laser Target and TV camera are installed in the Pilot Head. Direction and rolling can be monitored on the Control Board and tuned through direct-adjusting devices from Control Board on the ground.
  • The Joint Pipe can act as an anti-rolling-mechanism, and also assists the slurry pipe, lubrication pipe and cable pipe.

Operational Chart

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